Friday, July 25, 2008

Sleeping through the night

For the last two nights Ryker has slept from about 10:00 pm to 6:00 am. It has been pretty nice. He is still a little fussy and has puked all over me a couple time in the last two days but other than that he is doing good. He is starting to get some fat rolls on his legs and his cheeks keep getting chubbier! I'm so excited to go out to Utah next week so some of you all can finally see him! Pictures just do not do this kid justice. He is just "so cute" as Rayden would say!

In other news, my face is getting a lot better. I still can't close my eye all the way and my top lip still can't move all the way. If I smile with my mouth closed you can't tell at all but once I try and do a big cheesy smile it still looks a little funny.

Randy was working hard in the garden picking all the beans for me. He and Rayden were having fun sticking them to their shirts and making designs. My friends came over and helped me bottle the beans. I didn't have a whole lot to bottle but it sure took us all afternoon. I ended up doing about 13 pints and 3 quarts. We only had one casualty. One of the jars burst and there were beans all over in the pressure cooker when we opened it up! Then I decided to bottle some more peaches. I did about 10 quarts. However, 1 quart burst and 1 quart I decided to just eat. I was thinking of doing some more this weekend but I probably won't because I have a lot of other more important things to do.

4 years old!

Okay, I know Rayden's birthday was a few days ago but I have been so busy I haven't been able to put some pictures up. We didn't really do much for his birthday this year. I was going to try and make a spiderman cake but as you all know, things never turn out the way you plan. The spiderman cake was a disaster and so we turned it into Sponge Bob Square Pants. That actually turned out better because little did I know, Randy had bought Sponge Bob wrapping paper and the cup cake holders I had were Sponge Bob. We had some friends come over to the park and eat cake and ice cream and the kids had a lot of fun!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Summer life

Randy and Rayden were having fun this morning putting mulch around all the trees in the yard. Rayden found a toy gun in the yard from the neighbors and was having fun playing. They also found some turtle eggs in the big pile of mulch!

I wanted to get a picture of Ryker in his cute summer outfit but I look like death in this picture. If you look close you can see my retarded face! I went to the doctor and they said it is most likely Bell's Palsy. They sent me over to the hospital to have an MRI just to make sure everything was okay. The MRI was negative so that is good. My doctor wanted me to see a Neurologist just in case because I am postpartum. The Neurologist just said it is a mild case of Bell's Palsy and should go away on it's own in a few weeks or months. They also drew some blood to run some tests just to check things out. I have to go back in two weeks for a follow-up. So I guess it's not so bad, I just feel really funny looking. It could be a lot worse so I'm trying to stay positive!

Here is some of our garden. It is pretty pathetic this year. We haven't gotten hardly anything so far except a few small tomatoes and a little squash and a little peas. Hopefully our beans will pull through and the cantaloupe and watermelon.

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Freaky People

So my friend is always having weird things happen to her body such as sicknesses and rashes. Her sister calls her a Freaky People because of it. Well, I'm starting to think that I'm a Freaky People because I have been having a lot of crazy things happen to my body! The last couple days I have been noticing that my tongue feels funny and food has been tasting weird. Then, last night I realized that I can't smile on the right side of my face and I have started drooling and I can't close my right eye all the way and it just keeps watering! I started to freak out and thought that maybe I had a stroke or something but then I talked to mom and we think that it might be Bells Palsy. I guess I better go to the doctor tomorrow and find out why I am so freaky!!!

I also found out that the reason why Ryker might be so gassy and spitting up is because of the dairy products that I eat. I guess dairy products are really hard on babies. Sooooo, I am going to do an experiment and try not to eat any dairy products to see if that makes a difference. At this point I am willing to try anything. At church today he was such a little pill. He just screamed the whole time unless someone was holding him and patting his back. Maybe the root beer float I had yesterday was a bad idea. No more ice cream for me for a little while.

One other thing I should mention is that someone called on our house! However, we weren't home and they just left a message and we haven't been able to call them back. I will have Randy call them back tomorrow. Wish us luck!!! I'll keep you all posted!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Oh what a night!

I had the best night last night!!! Ryker only woke up once and he ate really fast and went right back to sleep! Even thought my sleep was interrupted I still feel like I got pretty good rest! Hopefully this will be the beginning of many great nights! Yeah right....oh well, I can dream can't I?

It's finally Friday and I am excited because this is the last Friday night that Randy has to work. For the last three years he has worked almost every single Friday night. They changed the director schedule around at work and now he only has to work late nights on every other Monday. Now we can actually have date night or go camping on the weekend.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Randy!

Today is Randy's birthday!! I feel like a horrible wife because I didn't do much to celebrate. I made one of his favorite cakes and we sang to him when he came home from work around lunch time. He was only home for an hour and then he had to go back to work for meetings. He has scouts tonight so he won't be home much today. Poor guy, can't even have a break on his b-day. I don't have much time until the baby wakes up and I was hoping to at least have a good dinner ready for him when he came home for a brief moment before scoutts, so.... I better get going.

Monday, July 7, 2008


Okay, so my 4th of July may not have been the greatest, but we sure had fun as a family on the 5th! Randy wanted to go birthday shopping so I gave him all the time he wanted at his favorite store and I promised I wouldn't get impatient. So, I dropped him off and took the kids to another store to get treats for the afternoon. Once Randy found what he was looking for I picked him up and we were off to the swimming pool! It was a little overcast and for the 5th of July. It sure wasn't very warm and the water was freezing cold! I was even cold just sitting on a chair reading my book. After about an hour or so the sun started to come out and it got HOT! Even though I couldn't swim and play around with Rayden in the water, it was an enjoyable day to be outside. Ryker was so good and just slept the whole afternoon while I sat by the pool and read my book! After swimming we had to head back home because the missionaries were coming over for dinner. We had a good visit with them and have committed once again (hopefully this time we will follow through) to help them find people to teach. They shared some really good ideas and taught us some effective ways to help us in this endeavor! So, I bet you can guess what we are doing for FHE tonight!

I also should mention that yesterday was my first Sunday back at church since having the baby. I felt like a visitor in my own ward because it was my first time going to our new building. I felt weird asking people where the restroom was and the primary room. Also, I don't think very many people knew I had the baby because everyone was so shocked that I was there and had the baby. I don't know how they could be shocked, if they saw me the Sunday before I had him I was enormous! Anyway, it was just weird being there, and let me say it was very difficult! Ryker was so gassy and kept crying the whole time. It's just a good thing I didn't have to play the organ or teach sharing time or conduct or sub with the music. Actually, I did help play the piano for a few minutes but that didn't last long because of his screaming. I hope next Sunday goes a little more smoother. I guess I'll have to remember to give him some gas drops before we go!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

Today is my most favorite holiday ever! There is nothing better than a great parade , a day of boating, popsicles, watermelon, BBQ's, and most of all.... FIREWORKS!!!! Ahh, I just love summer. Too bad I don't get to experience any of the things I mentioned above this holiday. Well, except a small firework show at Randy's work but I doubt it will be anything to oooh and ahhh about. At least Randy got to come home from work for a few hours and have a picnic at the park. Next summer I will have to make sure that I at least go to a parade. Actually, this is the first year since living in Missouri that we haven't gone to the annual breakfast at Far West Temple site. And, it is the first year since living here that it hasn't rained! In the past we have either been in the ward that has hosted the breakfast at Far West or our ward has been invited. This year, either our ward just wasn't invited, or they didn't have the breakfast at all. I'm sure I could've just gone anyway to find out and nobody would've cared. Oh well, Rayden and I had roll pancakes (Swedish pancakes) and they were delicious!! I guess that is about as exciting as my day gets. I hope you all have a great 4th! Good luck to the family who are all on their way to the Lindbloom reunion! I wish I were there with ya!