Monday, December 7, 2009


Do not be fooled by this cute, innocent looking little boy!!! He is a menace to all!!! Yes that is right. To all children out there, when you see my little Rykes Bikes coming in the other direction. He has become so violent and such a little biter!!! He has always been a little biter and we have teased him by changing his nick name, Rykes Bikes to Rykes Biter. Well, he has officially earned his nick name. I think over the past two weeks he has bitten me, his brother, and most of his cousins multiple times. He even bit baby cousin Lucas who is about 8 months (I think?) on the cheek!! It was way bad. I don't know how to stop him either!! I have tried slapping his mouth after he bites and also Cyenne pepper in the mouth. I think that has worked a little because he is biting less, but he is still biting. He is going into nursey in a couple weeks and I just fear that he will bite everyone!! Some people have suggested biting him back but I just don't think I could do that. Any suggestions???
He also is throwing the biggest temper tantrums and he gets so aggressive! I didn't think an 18 month old could be so aggressive and have so much rage. He screams and throws himself down on the floor. He hits, kicks, and pinches me when I don't let him have things. Oh, he is just a little stinker!! I guess I should've known that with such a mellow and easy first child that my second would not be the same. Ryker has been my trial from even before he was conceived, while I was pregnant, and every day of his life so far. I guess I will just have to keep on enduring it!! Even though he is such a little stinker, I love him to pieces!!!! He is starting to talk a little and he is starting to understand little things like sit down, go get your shoes, and where's your nose? I have a feeling his favorite word is going to be "NO" because that is what I feel like I say to him about a million times a day!
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