Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Is it fall yet?

The end of our summer has been so crazy and I'm just itching for fall to get here! I usually am soooo sad to see summer go but after this summer I am ready for cooler temps and an excuse to stay indoors! Our last month has been ever so crazy. Rayden started school and along with that comes sports....not only did he want to do soccer this year, but flag football too! Every night of the week we are off to games/practice and it is somewhat exhausting! I'm just lucky Ryker isn't quite old enough to be in sports. Next summer we'll have twice the games to attend. Ugh, not looking forward to that. 
Randy and I have been getting up early every day training for a big bike ride. It was exhausting work and I'm glad and somewhat sad to say it's over. Now I can enjoy my mornings and sleep in as long as I want! Well, as long as the baby will let me. Which lately has actually been quite a long time. She is a bit different than my boys and will actually sleep in!
I'm a little bit late in posting about this, but Rayden turned 8 this year and was baptized this month by his father! It was such a special day for our family and I was so glad that we were able to have most of our family here to share his special day with him! Rayden has such a tender heart and is so sweet and loving. I hope he always will remember how he felt that day and always be steadfast and strong in the gospel.
 After the baptism we went camping with the Riddle family to Maple Grove. Since we only went up for Sunday night and Monday morning it was short, but sweet. The weather was perfect for me, not too cold but not too hot. There were some really fun water falls near by that we hiked to. The kids had a great time!

All of our hard work training for our bike ride really paid off. Last weekend Randy and I went up to Salt Lake to start our relay ride, Salt to Saint. We had a team of 8 (well actually 7, one girl did the first leg and stayed in Salt Lake) we started at the Capital and ended in Saint George. We started at 8 am Friday morning and finished at about 3:30 pm Saturday afternoon. We rode all day and through the cold night, getting almost no sleep at all and having the time of our lives! It was great! Randy was our only man on the team. We needed him to do some of the more challenging legs, the hills! Of course most of the legs had some hills to tghem, but some were definitely more challenging than others! On our team was my mom, a few ladies from her work and a few ladies from her ward. The hardest thing of all was trying to stay awake through the night. Most of my legs were at night and early morning so I was completely exhausted the next day! I think I slept for three days straight after it was over to catch up!

As for our little princess, she is getting so grown up! She just gets into everything and follows her older brothers all over! She is still giving hugs and kisses all day long and even starting to say a few words. Of course she won't say momma, but she does say dada and stop. It's so cute, I'll be yelling at the boys to stop rough housing and she'll be yelling stop right along with me! She also likes to blow raspberries on my cheek, it's hilarious! She is also a climber! She has discovered how to climb up onto the kitchen chairs and then onto the table. I have to keep all the chairs tucked in all day or we're in for trouble. Oh she also loves to climb up the jungle gym and go down the slide! At first it was a little scary when I discovered her doing it, but she just loves it! She also is going to be my little gymnast. She loves when I pick her up and flip her back to do a back flip. If I do it once I have to be prepared to keep going and going because she loves it and cries if I stop! She sure keeps me busy. As we were driving home from soccer last night, Rayden said to me, "I hope we have another boy." I asked him what he was talking about and he said he wanted another brother! Oh boy, it must be time to start thinking about another one! I don't think this spoiled girl would like that!
Here is a little video of our little climber! Enjoy!