Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Goings on.....

Rayden graduated from Kindergarten last month!!! He enjoyed the year so much and just loved his teacher!!! She was such an amazing teacher. I can't believe how much Rayden has grown over the year. He has learned to read really well, and he is a math pro! He is even doing some multiplication! For the end of year program they sang songs and said nursery rhymes. Rayden was dressed as one of the three blind mice! Isn't he so cute!

Ryker wanted me to take his picture too! He is such a little character! He wears his swimsuit everyday, we have four or five that he rotates through. I try to get him to wear normal clothes and he just won't! Maybe he'll be our star swimmer one of these days. Now to just teach him how to swim!

Sorry my camera is the lamest thing around and these pictures are so blurry. Just pretend they are picture perfect! Anyway, my little Ryker is such a big helper!!! He LOVES to help his daddy work outside in the yard. I just hope he still loves to help out when he gets older.

I just love how he is shoveling just like his Daddy!

Another fun thing we've done in the last month was take a little vacation to Sunny St. George. Well I just wish it would've been sunny! It snowed the entire way down there. When we got to St. George it was rainy and cold the whole time! The last day we were there the sun decided to come out, but Randy spent the day on a bike ride with my sister so I just hung out with the kiddos. Randy had a conference down there for work so we decided to tag a long. I was hoping that it could've been a little date weekend with just the two of us but I didn't have a sitter for the kids for three and half days so we just took them with us. It ended up being pretty relaxing and fun.

Of course the kids loved the pool at the hotel! It was partly indoor and outdoor so it was perfect for the cold days. I pretty much just sat at the hot tub with my feet in because swimming isn't exactly the funnest thing to do when you are 7 months pregnant!!!

We just finished our first season of baseball! Rayden played coach pitch this year and he had a lot of fun. I'll have to say, he hit the ball pretty good for not ever really practicing before. He's not exactly the sporty type and is a little bit awkward when it comes to sports. I kind of hope he grows out of it but something tells me that he's just not going to be our family athlete. But you never know, he may surprise us!

I like this picture because it shows all his missing teeth! He's lost six so far and four of them are currently missing. The most recent one he lost was at summer lunch. He was eating an apple wedge and it just fell out. It was totally gross and there was blood all over the place! The poor kids sitting around us had to suffer.

We've also been doing a lot of gardening lately!!!! For those of you who know my hubby, he is a gardening fool! He fell in love with it out in Missouri and I don't think he'll ever be the same again! It has been so hard for him to stay indoors and study when he has gardening on the mind. Luckily this is his last summer of classes because I don't think he'd make it another spring while going to school.

This is a small little garden at our home. We haven't exactly gotten our yard the way we want it in the short time we've lived here so it is a work in progress. Most of the stuff we planted was at his parents house but I wanted to have a few pepper and tomato plants to pick off of at our house. Of course my hubby went crazy and had to plant a few other things as well. Squash, corn, beans, tomatoes, peppers, asparagus, fruit trees, strawberry plants, raspberries. Some of them we won't get to really reap the rewards from for a few years so I told my hubby, NO MOVING!!! We've worked so hard I want to be able eat what we've planted.

This is another garden spot at our house. This spot was supposed to be our fall garden this year because Rand was too busy with school to really plant anything now. Then, his gardening itch got to him and he just had to do some more planting. He actually tried something new in this spot. It's called sister planting (I think) that he learned while we were on vacation in Virginia a few years ago. He planted corn and squash and then once the corn starts to come up a little he'll plant beans next to the corn so it can climb up the corn stalks. The squash is supposed to be the ground cover. We'll see how it turns out!

And this my friends, is the BIG garden that he and his mom have been working on the last few months. They started planting in March and we have already harvested lettuce, radishes, a few small onions, and broccoli! He is pretty pleased with his work so far!

And last of all you get to see the lovely picture of yours truly! This picture was taken a few weeks ago, I think I was around 30 weeks. I'm not really dressed in the most flattering outfit known to man but that's life!

So I have about 8 1/2 weeks left until the due date and I have to say that I'm soooo looking forward to meeting this little baby! Not to mention I'm excited to have my body back!!!!! I can't tell you what an absolute wuss I am when I'm pregnant! Everything thing about it, from the morning sickness, to the sleepless and uncomfortable nights, to the exhaustion! It just all completely wears me out! I love to feel the little kicks throughout the day and wonder just how amazing it is that there is something growing inside my belly! But that is about the only thing I love about it!
I'm still having troubles picking out possible names. I think it's because everything that I like, my husband and children aren't crazy about. Randy pretty much picked the names of our two boys so far and with each one he was so excited about them! Maybe it's because he's been so occupied with school, work, gardening and biking that he hasn't really thought about it much. I just sort of am hoping he'll get excited about the names I really like but I guess we'll just have to wait and see what comes out!
I still have so much to do to get ready for this little baby but ever since the weather got so hot I'm too exhausted to do much. I guess I'll just have to do a little bit each morning while it's still cool!
I guess that's all for now. Still to come, pictures of Randy's 100 mile bike ride! He had a great time viewing the scenery around Brigham City and actually survived the 100 miles without too much trouble. We'll see how much riding he gets in the rest of the summer. Now that his big ride is over I think he'll be a little bit more relaxed. Now we just have to get through the end of his classes. Only 8 more classes to go!!!!!