Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Finally Done!!!

Never have I been so sick of canning in my entire life, but I am happy to say that I am done canning for the season!!!!! It seems like the last 4-5 months have been so crazy and I have constantly had canning materials all over my kitchen and pantry!!!! It all started with a few batches of tomatoes. Then I did some more tomatoes, and then some peaches, and then some more tomatoes until I didn't want to see or eat another tomato in my life!!! I decided to freeze some corn and that wasn't too bad because my MIL helped me!!! In September I thought I was finally done so I decided to clean up everything and pack it away.

Then, I went to my parents and picked some apples!!!! HELLO applesauce!!!! I did so much applesauce I didn't want to eat another apple in my life! Oh.....and then I came home from my parents to find a whole new box full of....TOMATOES!!!!! Ahhhhh!!!! I could've beat my husband for bringing me more tomatoes to can! I also forgot to mention that I did some pickles mixed in with all those tomatoes!!! Once again, thinking I was done and that I finally had my kitchen back, I put away all the canning stuff. A little too soon however, this weekend my husband pulled up all the beets and decided we (I) should pickle them!!!

So, if you've ever canned before, by yourself that is, then you know exactly what was going through my head when I saw that bucket of beets!!!!! But, like a good wife that I am, ha ha, I pickled those beets and now I can finally say that I am DONE canning this year!!!! When I told my husband I was so glad to be done he said to me, "What about the parsnips!!" I think I better not tell you all what I said in response to that question!

Now that I am finally done, it is so nice to go down stairs and see all my hard work!!!! At least I know that if we have a disaster in the next year that doesn't destroy my home or basement, I'll be able to survive on spaghetti sauce, peaches, applesauce and beets! Sounds yummy right???

I guess I better rest up until next summer because my husband is planning all sorts of stuff to garden next year!!!! I should start a sign-up sheet for helpers right now! LOL!!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Super Mario World!!!

So Rayden decided last year that he wanted to be Mario for Halloween this year. When I got his costume last year on clearance I just happened to see a Luigi costume for Randy and thought I'd get it. Over the last year I thought it would be fun to have a Super Mario family for halloween!!! I happened to have a lot of pink dresses from High School dances and thought I could be Princess Peach. Then I saw a lot of costumes online for a toadstool for Ryker. I was too cheap to spend a lot of money on his costume so I threw together my own costume for Ryker (Thanks mom for the help!) I wasn't sure Ryker would wear his hat but he LOVED IT!!!! The kids just loved dressing up as Super Mario Bros. and so did everyone else!!!!

Rayden was really into the dracula teeth! Maybe next year he will have to be Dracula!

We had fun making Frankenstein cupcakes! They were filled with green pudding!!!!

The last week we have been in a huge apple mess!!!! Rayden and Ryker were huge helpers and we had a lot of fun canning applesauce, apple pie filling and drying apple rings!!!

The glasses were to keep their eyes safe from the splattering hot applesauce!!!

I also got to spend some time with my family this month! My sis and I celebrated our birthday's with the traditional pumpkin pie!!!! Happy Birthday to me!!!!!!

Another school field trip to the pumpkin patch!!!

This was actually the day of my birthday and I had a great day going on Rayden's field trip, making sugar cookies and decorating them with our cubscouts!!! Then we went to a movie with Randy's family!!! Thanks all for the birthday wishes!!!

Rayden picked the BEST pumpkin in the whole patch!!!!! Happy Halloween all!!!