Monday, October 31, 2011

Hall - o - ween!!!!

We are a family of Ninja's!!! So, I'm really cheap and I like to get our costumes at the after Halloween clearance sales for the next year. The only problem with that is, you can't be very picky about what you are. Last year we found ninja costumes for the boys and luckily I was able to fit into a ninja outfit that Randy's brother wore when he was a kid. Crazy huh? Anyway, the only tricky part was finding a ninja costume for the little one. I found some black boy pants for cheap at wally world but I couldn't find a black top. I bought a really cute black onesie that had some writing on it so I was just going to put it on inside out. Then, I remembered I had a black turtleneck onesie that my boys wore. I also had a brilliant idea that it would be pretty easy to sew a little top to look more like a ninja top. I headed to the fabric store!
Now let's just get one thing straight - I am not a sewer!!!! I sew a straight line, and I know a few basic sewing tips, but that is IT! Whenever I try to sew something, I always make sure my mom is right by my side to do all the tricky things like: sewing the sleeves on, heming, buttons, zippers, etc. Well, this time, momma lived three hours away and I only had about 3 hrs. total to get the thing put together. I also didn't have a pattern, and was a little nervous about taking on Align Centerthis adventure, but I decided to attempt it anyway.
The sleeves were a little tricky! Have you ever tried to make doll clothes or baby clothes? They have the tiniest arm holes!!! Luckily a friend stopped by right as I was about to sew those little puppies on and she gave me a little tip to make it easier. Phew!!!! My bobbin did come unthreaded (as usual) just as I was sewing the last seam, and a huge wind gust managed to blow my back door open, ripping my cord out of the wall and causing my sewing machine to bang on the floor. Fortunately, all in all, I only had to unpick one small seam, and made it through the adventure without any major problems! I think next time I will try to attempt the project a few days before it needs to be done.
Anyway, the kids are so excited to go trick or treating tonight!!! I can't wait to raid their candy bags and eat all my Halloween favorites!!! Oh it's great having kids to raid their loot!!!

Happy Halloween!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Braylee's Blessing....and other random pictures

This sweet thing was blessed on Sunday, October 9th, by her daddy. Of course she cried through the whole thing (which was cut very short due to the screaming), and then calmed right down afterwards and slept peacefully all through sacrament meeting! Gotta love it! It won't be hard to remember that's for sure.

Our cute little family! I think Rayden will be taller than me in another year or two. That's a scary thought!
Here is most of Randy's family that came! It was so fun to have so many family there to support us. Thanks all!

We had a great time at the state fair this year! Ryker loved seeing all the tractors and animals.

These are some of the biggest pumpkins I've ever seen!

I love Ryker's face in this picture, he could barely reach.

Camping at Otter Creek. It was so good to finally get off the couch and out of the house. Even if it meant a crazy night sleeping in the van with two crying kids!

Braylee's first camping trip at 1 month old. It was over labor day weekend with the Riddle family. She was pretty good most the time, until bed time. She had the worst night ever. She was so gassy and her nose was so stuffy she could barely breath. I'm thinking she might have a little allergies because as soon as we got home she was fine. Anyway, it was definitely a camping trip to remember.
The boys spent the whole day camping on the lake at otter creek. They had a great time. Now that Randy is done with all the homework, he can finally enjoy our camping trips instead of studying in the corner.

I love her chubby little cheeks!
She loves sleeping in her swing! It really saves me so much for those times when I just can't hold her and she wants to rock.

Braylee is learning to hold her head up so well!!!

Ryker loves his sister......most of the time! He loves to gather up all of her blankets and toys and make a huge bed to play in. He is getting better at the big brother thing. He

Rayden started 1st grade. He loves it! He is such a great student.
I think this is one of her first smiles at about 7 weeks old.

Ryker also loves to climb in her crib and play with all the blankets!