Monday, May 14, 2012


Finally! Randy is finished and all graduated with his Master's degree!!! What a long road it has been but we are finally done! I couldn't be more pleased with my husband and his hard work! He truly is one of the hardest workers I ever met in my life! Not only does he go to work everyday and work so hard but he's always willing to help me out around the house with the kids. He is so amazing!

I wish I could say that life has calmed down a bit, but it seems like it has gotten a million times busier! So we had a fun trip up to Logan for his graduation. It was such a long ceremony! There were over 1,000 graduate students and they read the names soooo slowly! Let's just say the kids got really restless. I finally texted Randy and told him to just get up and leave, but it was practically over so we just waited. Luckily they fed us a pretty yummy meal just before the ceremony or else we would've been starving sitting there so long!
Here is what Ryker did through half of the ceremony. I wish I could've been snoozing! Instead, I was walking around with the baby because of course she wouldn't sleep or sit still with all the commotion! Anyway, it's all done and I couldn't be happier! A special thanks goes out to all our family members who have supported us through all of this! We couldn't have done it without you!

I'm realizing now that I didn't do a very good job taking pictures on our special day. It was just so crazy with the kids! Oh well! Afterwards we headed up to our cabin in Bear Lake and enjoyed a day or so relaxing! Of course we woke up to snow the first morning, but luckily it melted pretty quick. Randy and my parents enjoyed a nice game of golf in the frigged morning. My mom and I waited until the evening for temperatures to warm up before heading out around the lake on our bikes! We went about 20 miles and called it quits. Other than the strong head wind, it was a very beautiful ride! It was such a great weekend just relaxing and enjoying time with family. I'm so looking forward to some more of that this summer!!!