Sunday, January 25, 2009


We're in trouble now.......Ryker has officially gone mobile! That's right folks, he's crawling! It's just the beginning stages now but he's already getting to everything he can't have such as the TV remote, Rayden's crayons and so much more. Also, the reason why he has been so needy the past few weeks is because what I thought were two teeth coming in on top turned out to be FOUR! The middle two have finally broken through and the two on either side are just now starting to poke their tips through. It must be so rough being a baby! All that pain and not having any idea what is going on! He sure loves to eat food though! He acts like he's in heaven every time I give him something to munch on and when it's gone he screems like crazy! He's not wasting any time with the baby food...he's gone right to table food! I don't know who eats more, daddy or Ryker.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Clowning around!

Rayden and his cousin had fun playing in the Halloween costumes. I think their dad's might have worn these same costumes at one time!

I like the big red nose!

Ryker is such a smiley long as someone is holding him or playing with him! He is starting to sit up all by himself really well and he is so close to crawling. I just know any day now he will be all over the place. He gets up on all fours and starts rocking back and forth. He usually ends up doing a face plant or just rolls over onto his back. He'll get it soon enough!

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So.....why is it that whenever you drink caffeine to try and stay awake for something important it never works, and then when you have a little bit with your dinner it keeps you up all night??? I guess I will never figure it out. When I used to work at the Delta Center, some nights I would be so tired that I would drink lots of caffeine just so I could stay awake to drive home and it never worked. I would still be so tired and have the hardest time making it. Tonight, I had a little cup of Dr. Pepper with my dinner not thinking anything about it and now my babies are both asleep and I should be getting sleep and I can't!!! I guess I better stay away from the caffeine so I can get my sleep.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year??

Rayden playing at the Bounce House

Rosalie's Boklava

Well, I guess it is finally the new year. We had a wonderful Christmas and we were able to spend lots of time with family! I can't believe that it is already 2009. Where did 2008 go? It went by way too fast! I'm not so sure that I am liking 2009 yet. So far I have spent the first few days in the new year holding a crying, screaming baby! Ryker is teething again and he can't seem to get rid of his runny nose and cough that he has had on and off since Halloween. I'm not really one for New Year's resolutions but I think this year I might just have to make a few. First of all, I need to stop eating so much junk! I finally got down to my ideal weight when I was forced to eat healthy prior to having my gallbladder out so I could avoid pain from gallstones. Now I am eating so much junk food that I seem to be gaining all the weight back. I just love food so much but I need to eat healthier. Second, I need to focus on being nicer to my family, especially my husband and children. Sometimes I am such a monster and I feel so bad that they have to suffer from my angry outbursts all the time. Third, I need to just be better at teaching my children. Now that Rayden is getting older I need to spend extra time with him practicing writing and counting and also teaching him about the gospel. I think I'll just stick to these three goals and see how far I get. Anyway, here is a few pictures from our Christmas adventures. I always forget to take pictures so I don't have very many but we sure had a great time. We took all the kids lots of different places to keep them occupied and we spent more time in snowsuits to last us a life time!

Trian ride at Pioneer Park

Lights at Temple Square

Rayden's train he got from Santa

Ryker with Aunt RaNell