Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's Finished!

Ya!!! We finally have a kitchen! After five long weeks of eating cereal for breakfast and living without a sink, dishwasher, stove, or oven, we are finally back in the kitchen!!!! I never realized how much I loved cooking until I couldn't cook at all. I was definitely suffering from withdrawal, but I have since made up for it!

I think it turned out pretty nice and really the five weeks weren't too bad.

We also have been enjoying the sunshine!!!! Ryker would live outside if I would let him. He wants to be outside all day long and it just breaks my heart every time I have to bring him inside. He just screams and kicks and throws his fits! This boy was made for the outdoors!

We've also been pretty busy this month with other things. Rayden was involved in pee-wee wrestling again this year and I must say he has improved quite a bit from last year. Of course it helped that we held him back and so he pretty much dominated over the pre-schoolers. One little kid he wrestled just ran around in a circle trying to get away from him after he pinned him the whole first round. It was pretty comical! I'll have to post the video of it if I ever could figure out how!

Randy was able to baptize this cute little girl a few weeks ago. He is friends with her dad and was pretty excited when they asked him to baptize her. It was pretty neat. It was also good for Rayden to see! I don't know if he has ever been to a baptism that he would remember and so it was good for him to be able to see what it is like and to see what he has to look forward to!
Here is all of us after the baptism. It was such a beautiful day too! The sun was shining and most of the snow had melted. But, that didn't last too long.

We also got to get together with some family to celebrate my grandfather's life and birthday! He was such a great person and the way he lived his life was so amazing! He was so fun and passionate about the things he loved! It was fun to get together with some of the cousins and have a party! Great people, great food, and a great time!
Speaking of food, only a couple days left to get your requests in for Pampered Chef! I'm ordering on friday so don't miss out on 10% off and free shipping! I also still have a few free gifts left for anyone who wants to book a show!
Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! Do you have your green on? We do! We also celebrated with green chocolate chip cookies and so far we've had green eyes for breakfast!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Calling ALL Pampered Chef Fans!

Alright all you P.C. fans out there......It's finally here!!! After much excitement and waiting the new spring/summer catalog is out and there are sooooo many new products! Not that the other products aren't fabulous because they all are, but it's something about a new catalog and new things that always get me excited! Since I am always looking for ways to celebrate, let's CELEBRATE!!!! But, first of all, you have to check out my Tropical Lime No-Bake Cheesecake! (see picture above) This recipe is in the new cookbook and it is to DIE FOR!! I am not kidding, it is the best thing I have ever made!

As part of the celebration, I'm doing a catalog show this month and offering 10% off and FREE shipping! You can't get a better deal than that! Well, actually you can! For those of you who want to host a show you can get FREE products, FREE shipping, half off items, and up to 10-30% off the entire catalog! I'm also giving away free gifts worth $10-15 of P.C. products if you book a show with me! It's just a little thank you gift I am offering for booking a show! While I'm at it, I just wanted to say "Thank you" to all of the family and friends who have hosted shows the last few months! I have had so much fun getting to know all of your friends and I hope you have been enjoying all your FREE products you earned!!!!

So, if you have my personal website address, hop on over and check out the new catalog! If you don't have my personal website address just leave me a comment with your email address and I'll send it to you! Take a look at all the 28 new products, along with all the other amazing products and let me know what you want to order!

Oh, I forgot to mention....Bamboo products are 60% off for hosts this month. For regular guests, you can get a specialty bamboo spoon set for FREE with a an order of $60 or more!!! So don't waste any more time and go check out the new products!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Kitchen updates

Here are some updates on how the kitchen is coming along...

These aren't the most recent pictures but we are getting soooo close to being back in the kitchen. The cupboards will be finished by tomorrow, I hope! The granite was installed yesterday and it should be ready to use next week. We will hopefully have a sink, oven and stove top the first of next week!!! It's so close I can taste it! (I mean literally with all the sawdust in my food, lol!) The only thing that would make all this re-modeling even better if it were my own kitchen! Maybe someday I will have my own nice beautiful kitchen!!!!! Until then, I get to use this one!

This section of the pantry is pretty much finished except the handles and we have already begun using it!!! It has been sooooo nice. I can't tell you how excited I will be to actually be able to cook a regular meal in a kitchen and not have to do dishes in the bathroom sink!!!! I guess it's only been a little over a month without a kitchen which is so much better than some people have when they re-model. I tell you what, I sure have had to be creative with some meals in the microwave. If it weren't for my pampered chef stoneware and micro-cookers I would be starving everyday and spending tons of money at restaurants! Speaking of pampered chef.....stay tuned for some exciting deals!!!!