Friday, September 19, 2008

Dessert anyone?

Here is my fabulous Key Lime Mousse Cake!! It is so yummy! I just love key lime pies and I thought I would try this recipe and I love it! Too bad I can't eat it! I have gallstones and pretty much can't eat anything until I get my gallbladder taken out in a week! Yikes, I am so scared.


So far Rayden is loving Preschool! The bus comes and picks him up and he has lunch at school. I went yesterday to help out for a little bit and to see who is in his class. It is a huge class! There is also an older boy that is kind of a bully to all the kids. Rayden's teacher mentioned to Randy that Rayden gets picked on a little bit but that Rayden really knows how to defend himself. I guess that is a good thing but I feel bad that he gets picked-on. When I went yesterday I found out that the bully kind of picks on everyone. I guess it's not just Rayden. I've also started to go pick him up instead of letting him ride home on the bus because the bus ride home is almost an hour and we only live 2 min. away from the school. He is the last to be dropped off so that is why it takes so long. Anyway, he loving being at school. Next week is when he starts speech therapy! I am excited for that because then maybe I'll start to understand him better.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Good News!

Lots of good news for the Riddle family! I'm so excited we got an offer on our house and if all goes well we should be closing sometime in the next couple weeks. That is just one less thing I have to stress about. Also, Rayden got accepted into the Head Start Preschool! He will be doing speech therapy at the District Preschool a couple days a week and then going to Headstart four days a week. The bus even comes to our house and picks him up! It will be fun for him except that he goes right during his nap time so I hope he is not too tired. I'll have to start getting him to bed earlier so he gets some good sleep at night.

Randy is really enjoying his new job. It is fun to have him home in the mornings and I don't really notice too much at night that he is gone because I am busy watching my favorite shows! I haven't had TV for five years so it is nice to just be able to watch something. However, sometimes I still wish we didn't have it. All Rayden wants to do is watch cartoons so I need to find something else for him to do. Since all his toys are in storage it is hard for him to stay busy. I'm sure going to preschool will help. Well I guess that is all the good news I have for now!

Monday, September 8, 2008


Here is what we have been doing this last month:

Ryker and Kylie in the bike trailer. We rode around a bike trail by Bear Lake. It was tough work but we had fun!
Rayden and his cousins Braxton and Rylan swam in the pool at the Bear Lake Lodge. Rayden didn't think he needed his life jacket and almost drowned! Luckily Aunt Sarah was there to rescue him!

All the girls had fun getting pedicures! Our favorite thing to do!

Rayden had lots of fun at the State Fair! We rode rides and saw all of the animals!! We even stayed for the Rodeo!

This is Rayden "milking the cow" at the State Fair

The Hunt cousins put make-up on Rayden and the played dress up!

This is all the cousins at the county fair. They all participated in the Kid Rodeo.

These are our family pictures we had taken the day of Ryker's blessing. Doesn't Ryker look so cute in his little outfit. I wish I would've gotten better pictures of just him but it was a crazy day!