Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Is it spring yet?

I'm really LOVING this warmer weather we've been having lately and I'm really trying hard to ignore the storm that's rolling in as I type this. I have to say that the sun and semi warmth has really healed my cold and tired body!!! I just feel like a new person!!!! Even though I had a really lazy day yesterday and didn't do a single thing, I have really gotten so many things done lately!

For instance, I finally cleaned most of the junk out of all the corners of my bedroom that have just been piling up since we moved. I organized the boys bedrooms and boxed up some of the toys that they have grown out of. Now I can finally fit most of the toys in the closets and there is much less to clean up after a hoard of kids come over to play (actually I'm just hoping that is the case, since we haven't really had a hoard of kids over since I cleaned).

Next on my list of things to do later today, or probably tomorrow: organize the hall closet where all the winter snow gear just gets thrown and anything else I'm too lazy to put away, and organize my bathroom closet. The kids like to hide in the closets when we play hide'n'seek and all the stuff just gets pulled off the shelves and then shoved back on again. It really won't take much time to re-fold towels and blankets but it's something that i never think to do and really drives me CRAZY!!!!

Ultimately, my goal is re-organize the basement and storage room but I don't think I will be attacking that project until it is a lot warmer!!! The basement is just a little too cold for me right now. I did actually make a dent in it the other day while I was boxing up toys, but there is still so much to do!

When we moved into our new home last summer, I was having too much fun playing out in the sun that I never really organized my home the way I wanted it. I just kind of put things away just to get them out of boxes. I promised myself that I would get it all together in the winter when it was too cold to go outside. So, I guess I had better keep working on getting it together because as soon as the weather warms up I'm going to be outside in the sun! Okay, I'm getting a little too excited about warmth, and the wind blowing against the house right now is pulling me back to reality.

So, this afternoon we are headed off to sign up Rayden for wrestling. It starts next week and goes for about three weeks. I really wish Richfield would have a little bit bigger wrestling season but oh well. I just don't feel like traveling to North Sevier, where wrestling is a lot bigger, just for practice. Maybe when he gets older if he's still interested then we will cross that bridge. We also have baseball sign-ups which I am totally excited for, but Rayden says he doesn't want to play because it is too hard to play on the Wii!!! I think I'm just going to make him at least try it this year and if he doesn't like it then we'll find something else. He's not really the sporty type. I think he would rather just be inside playing lego's all day. But oh well, the kid has got to get some exercise right?

Anyway, I better get back to my organizing before I burn out. I hate leaving projects half finished! Here' s to a new me and an organized home!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I have to say, I was really starting to get out of my winter blues feelings the other day!!! Towards the end of last week the weather was a little warmer, the sun was shining, the snow had finally almost all melted, and I didn't feel like I had to walk around all day with a million layers!!!!! I even went to the grocery store at 8 o'clock in the morning with only a sweatshirt! That is a record for me. Usually when I go out I have to have a long sleeve shirt, a sweatshirt and a coat. So things were really looking up last week and I was even starting to think of some projects that I could work on to get me out of my winter blues. Let me just say, when I really put my mind to it I came up with quite a few projects that need to be done that don't cost a single penny! I was pretty proud of my thinking abilities!

But then this awful thing happen: IT SNOWED!!!!!! Okay, so I know I need to be grateful for the snow because it brings water and moisture to our desert, but let's just face it, I am not a person who likes to be cold one bit!!!! So while I'm grateful for the snow, I am unhappy for the coldness that comes along with it!!! All of my hopes of getting many projects done have diminished!!! I have thoughts and dreams of spending every waking moment at the beach or on some tropical island! I am even going so far as to planning a cruise I want to take (but probably won't because of $$) the second my husband graduates from Grad School!!! Just thinking about it and planning it helps me feel a little warmer!

So, I'm back on the couch with a million blankets just waiting for this weather to warm up! I did happen to get one project done, which was really needed and fairly effort less! Now I don't feel like a total couch potato! I also have managed to always make sure there is plenty of food in the fridge, dinner done and on the table when the hubby gets home from work, and I have pretty much kept the dishes under control! Oh, and I FINALLY cleaned those darn bathrooms!!!!!!!

Now, if only I could magically come up with a way to get my children to just get a long I think I will officially be over these winter blues! I didn't realize how nice it was in the summer to just send them outside to run around and play! Being cooped up in the house they find more things to fight about!!! Right now as we speak, I have to lock myself in my room just to get a few moments of quiet!!! They are now running out front in the freezing cold and ringing the door bell constantly! I guess it's time to put them to bed for the night! Wish me luck!!!!