Friday, August 13, 2010

More fun!

This summer just hasn't been slowing down for us!!! On the 24th of July we went to Monroe to see the kids and grandma in the pioneer parade! They were pulling a handcart with grandma! We also had to stand in line for more than hour so Rayden could jump on the trampoline with the bungee cords. I wouldn't have let him do it because it is such a waste of money but he had his birthday money and was determined to go!

Last weekend we went on another vacation, this time to Bear Lake!!! Unfortunately I forgot to pack my camera :( However, I found out on the last day that Randy packed it but by then it was already too late! We had a great time though. The kids could just live on the beach if I let them! As I sat on the beach enjoying the sun, I realized how dirty Rayden's swimsuit has gotten over the summer playing in all the water and sand! Then I realized how blessed we have been to be able to go on so many fun vacations this summer even though Randy has been in grad school all summer! I guess his teacher's have wanted to have fun too because they have been a little relaxed. That is another exciting thing....Rand is officially half way finished with the lecture portion of grad school!!!!! HURRAY!!!!!! We made it one year, the first semester was horrible and I thought I would go insane before the two years were up, but I have to say it hasn't been too bad.
Randy has also taken up a new hobby :( I don't like his hobbies because they don't usually involve me. I know I'm selfish. I have to blame myself a little for this hobby interest because I gave him my dishwasher fund so he could buy himself a road bike. Now I'm stuck home doing dishes all day by hand while he is off riding with the guys. I guess I should confess that I have a just doesn't do so great on the washing part. I figure if I'm going to have to pre-wash all the dishes and wash some the dishes again after they come out, I might as well just wash them once by hand. So, if any of you feel sorry for me....feel free to donate to my new dishwasher fund!!!

After we got back from Bear Lake we jumped right into the county fair activities! Grandma R. likes to get all the grand kids and do little projects with them that they enter in the fair. She also lets them enter all her produce from her garden! I entered my canned peaches and peach salsa this year and they both took first! I'll have to get started on some projects for next year! The kids also participated in the kid rodeo! They love just being out all night with all the cowboys and cowgirls in town!!!

Here is Rayden next to his lego creations. He got a blue ribbon!! (1st place)

Of course Ryker loved the tractors!!!! This boy was born to be a farmer!!!! All he says day after day is truck and tractor!!!!
Oh, here is a video clip of Rayden riding the mutton! The first year we lived here we was a little too scared to ride. He was also a little young. The second year (last year) we were all sick and had to stay home on the couch while all the cousins went. This year I was shocked that he wanted to ride the mutton! I thought for sure he would be too scared. Sure enough, he went ahead and rode the mutton! He was so brave too!!! He didn't even cry after he got bucked off and trampled!! I think next year we'll bring a helmet! Our next adventures for a little while will be soccer! Rayden is playing this year and they asked me to be his coach, heaven knows why?? I mean about the coaching part. I know very little about soccer but I guess that's okay since he is only 6! Wish me luck!