Monday, April 19, 2010

Foxboro North Boutique

Hey all you gals, this Saturday from 10-4 I will be doing a Pampered Chef display at a Boutique in North Salt Lake! There will tons of other ladies there with some amazing things! They will have purses, jewelry, hair bows, vinyl lettering, scentsy and so many more things!!! If you want to check out a little preview and get specific directions go to

With Mother's Day coming, it's a great way to get some personalized things for those amazing women in your life! Or just pamper yourself!!! I hope to see you all there!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I know I have been a major slacker on the blog lately. But I haven't been slacker when it comes to everything else in my life....well okay, not everything! Here is what we have been up to lately....Don't you just love Ryker's hat??? He love's to play with Daddy's hats!

All my adventures for the last few weeks started with the New Moon party at Border's! We won magnets and book marks and had tons of fun!

We then headed over to Walmart and got a picture with Edward's Volvo!

Then we got to see the human's from Twilight: Eric, Mike, and Angela!!!You can kind of see Eric in the back waving! It was CA-RAZY!!!!! We barely made it there in time to see them (from a distance) and they left shortly after we got there.

After the party we were so exhausted we needed to feed our tummies!

Breakfast at Denny's at 2 am! We are crazy Twilight fans!!!!!

Then, we decided to take all the boys on a hike! They loved getting out of the house and running around. Oh how I wish spring would just come and stay! Enough with the snow!!!!!

Aren't they a good looking bunch of boys!!!
Next, we had an Easter egg hunt at my mom's work. Ryker just wanted to play on the toys and eat the chocolate!
The boys really scored with the treats!!! They had huge bags full of eggs and each egg had atleast two pieces of candy if not more! Part of me just wants to throw it all away because I am so sick of candy!

Then, we decided to take a last minute trip to Missouri to check on the house and try to get it rented! It was a long, long trip in the car but it was worth it. I'll spare you the details on all the throw-up and poop accidents. Let's just say I earned my rights to be called a mom after that trip. It was so fun to be in my house again! It brought back lots of memories. I wanted to cry because I miss having my own house. Maybe someday!

Ryker is in his element!

Our favorite place to play....the Kidder park! Ryker cried everyday, all day long while we were in Missouri because he wanted to go to the park. Luckily the weather was really nice when we were there.

Our favorite spot to visit at Adam-ondi-ahman! It was so windy the day we went there, but then again it always seems to be windy up there!

It was so fun to see from friends from Missouri!!! We miss you all so much!!!! I wish we had more time out there to see everyone but our trip was rather quick!

We got back just in time to celebrate the holiday with family. The Easter Bunny left the boys some yummy goodies and toys in their baskets! Rayden doesn't look too thrilled but he just woke up so I guess that is to be expected! I can't believe how quickly time flies, one day it's Christmas, the next day it's Easter, then the next day it's Halloween! These boys are just growing up way too quickly!

Rayden had fun coloring his eggs. Good thing Grandma was on top of things or else it wouldn't have gotten done!

On Easter all the cousins went across the street to Great Grandma's and had a hunt over there. They loved getting all the egss, treats, and toys that the Easter Bunny left over there! Grandma's yard was perfect for a hunt! There were some great hiding places!
I just love my family of boys!!!!! I can't imagine life without them!