Sunday, February 21, 2010

Our month in Review

This is what we have been up to this month.....Rayden has gotten to play with his cousin Cameron! He loves to play with his cousins. They were outside playing Lego Star Wars in some old boxes and the jet ski trailer. Boys have such a great imagination! Rayden and Cam play so good together! I so wish we lived closer so they could play all the time!

This is one of Ryker's faces after eating a sour patch kid. He loves to eat sour things and makes the funniest faces!
This was my baking experience for the month. I just got the new Pampered Chef cookbook for the season and we made this yummy Raspberry pink champagne cake! Our first attempt turned out a little interesting but the second one was perfect!!!

My mother-in-law has been remodeling her kitchen and this is what it looks like all torn up! It has kind of been fun to have to "camp" in the front room. We have also been going to Randy's brother's house every night for dinner. It's kind of different and fun to go to someone else's house for dinner each night. The kids especially like eating with their cousins each night!

Our make shift eating area
The kitchen all torn up!! It will be worth it when it is all done and we have a new kitchen! My mother-in-law must not want to get rid of me because it will be hard to live in another kitchen after enjoying her new kitchen (when it's done that is)!

Isn't Ryker sooooo cute? I had the hardest time with him for the first year of his life, he was so difficult for me to take care of. Now that he is starting to talk and play better he is just so fun! I love him to pieces! I also love that he can just fall asleep anywhere! The last couple weeks he has fallen asleep standing up twice! He must get it from his dad!

Ryker also loves to wear my high heels, and I mean HIGH heels!!!! I can't believe he can walk in those heels but believe it or not he does better than me in them!

All he needs to do is click his heels and say "There's no place like home!"

I don't know why blogger put this picture side-ways so just imagine it turned to the left. Anyway, this is one of things that the boys love to do every night after bath. They jump out of the tub and I put the towel around them and they pretend to hide on the mat. Rayden has done it for years and now that Ryker is old enough and he of course copies everything his brother does, he hides too! They are just too cute! I just love my sweet little boys! They are the best boys a mother could ask for and I'm so grateful to have them in my life! They add joy and happiness to my life each day!

Monday, February 1, 2010

It's about time

I know I have been really slacking in posting some pictures on here. To be honest, I haven't really taken very many lately. Here are a few odds 'n ends of what we have been doing, including some Christmas pictures that I never posted. Enjoy!

Rayden has wanted this race track for months and Santa finally brought it to him! He loves playing with it. I was a little sad because I thought it was broken after only a few times of playing with it. I thought maybe it needed new batteries but after replacing them I still couldn't get the motor to turn on. I even called "Santa's workshop" (Matel) to see if I could get a replacement. The day I was to ship it back to the "workshop" I tried one last time to see if I could get it to work. I put the batteries in and still wasn't having luck. I left the switch to on and turned away from it to help Ryker with something. Rayden was just messing around with it and stuck his finger in a little hole and magically it turned on! Then, when he took his finger out, it turned off. Then I realized that I forgot to put the long poles on the sides to help hold it up and that is a step that specifically says not to skip in the instructions or the motor won't turn on. "Duh mom", Rayden said!!!!! Luckily I found out my mistake before I sent it back!

Here is our cute little family before the kids tore into the presents! Ryker doesn't look too thrilled but he loved playing with all the loot Santa brought him! His favorite thing from Christmas has been a little lego dump truck and his ball popper!

We have also gotten quite a bit of snow this winter!!! The kids like to go outside and help Grandma push the snow off the driveway!

Ryker didn't like to be out in the snow very much but he looked so cute in his snow pants and coat! I couldn't keep his gloves on and his hands were freezing!

We went Christmas caroling on a horse drawn wagon for our family Christmas party. We love going caroling and this year wasn't quite as cold as last year, maybe because I dressed warmer! Ryker managed to fall asleep just before the wagon pulled off and he stayed asleep the entire time! Must be a Riddle!

We even went sledding a few times so far this winter. The first time wasn't so fun because the snow hill was packed so hard from people sledding that it was hard, bumpy and a little rocky, ouch! Randy I both let Rayden talk us into going all the way to the top of a very long, steep hill! It took me a few weeks for my bottom to recover from that one!

Ryker LOVES hot chocolate! I can't keep him away from it! I love the mess it leaves all over his face!

Ryker didn't like going down on the tube. I think he was a little scared. Maybe next year bud!