Saturday, May 14, 2011

Easter Celebrations

So I know this is way late, but here are some of the pictures from our Easter celebrations. We had so much fun with the family going to candy/egg hunts, coloring eggs, making an egg house/furniture, making sugar cookies and eating tons of good food!!! On Saturday before Easter we had a very eventful day! We woke up early and went to Smith's grocery store where they had sections roped off and had tons of candy out for the kids to get. I think we got the most candy there. Ryker's bucket was full to the brim! Then we headed to the Syracuse city hunt with my sis. We were a little late and pulled up just as it was about to start. There were so many people that we couldn't tell where all the different age groups were. We just went to the first section we saw and found out that it was for 0-2 yr. olds. It was perfect for Ryker, but not Rayden who is 6! I felt a little silly for having him pick up eggs so I had him help his brother. They only got about 10 eggs, but they still had fun.
After that, we headed over to my brother's house just a few blocks away and went to a little egg hunt/luncheon at an open house for a new little gym by his house. We got lots of good food and of course the kids got some more candy! I was exhausted by this time and had a major headache but there was still more partying to come.
We headed over to grandma's and started another celebration! We had 9 little boys running around and 2 little girls and we had to keep them busy some how. We had little stations set up where they could dye eggs and decorate them, we had some working on making egg furniture for our egg house, and we had others cutting out sugar cookies. The kids loved it. Then we sent them all outside for yet another egg/candy hunt. It was so much fun!
Hope you enjoy the pictures. They are all in real random order, sorry :)

We decided we needed to keep the boys occupied with something fun to do on one of our days visiting, so we ventured into the city and went to the LDS Church history museum. There is a fun children's activity exhibit where they could build and play with so many things.

Ryker loved the truck! He kept gathering up all the play food from the other room and putting it in the back of the truck. It was fun to watch him but not so fun to put all the food back.

Rayden liked playing in the food section as well. They had puppets and a little pretend garden where they could pull the food out of the garden. This was good practice for the summer because he is going to be helping me and Randy in the garden a lot!

Easter egg hunt #4 for the day. This time at Grandma's house. As if they needed more candy!

Ryker just wanted to eat the candy all day long!

This picture is way out of order but the kids had fun "fishing" at the museum. Too bad the magnets didn't work very good, it was a little difficult. But, it kept them busy for awhile, which is hard to do with these hyper-active little boys!

Our Egg House! The kids had fun cutting out and painting the egg furnituret. They made chairs, couches, tables, and even cushions for the chairs and couch!

Of course Grandma was a big help on cutting out the furniture for the little ones! She's so creative!

Another picture of the egg house. Don't you love the carpet and wall paper? We used old scraps of contact paper and scrapbook paper!

All the colorful eggs! I think altogether the kids dyed about 10 dozen eggs!

Aunt Amy had some fun decorations for the eggs. We turned them into bugs and spiders.

Getting lots of candy at the Smith's candy hunt!

Ryker had fun scooping up his jelly beans in his cousins lego bulldozer! He is such a cutie!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pain in the Ribs!

Only 26 weeks and already this little baby of mine is jabbing me in the ribs!!! It's gonna be a L-O-N-G summer. Guess who else likes to jab me in the ribs?


He is one little hyper kid who likes to jump all over me and kick me like crazy. I don't know what is worse, baby in or baby out? Yes that's right, Ryker is my little baby! He has found a few old pacifiers around the house and he likes to suck on them, curl up in his blanket, and he even makes little baby noises. He's going to be in for a real shock when he is no longer the baby of the family. I'm actually feeling a little nervous because he can be quite the little mischievous one. I'm worried how he might react when and if jealousy sets in after the baby is born. Anyone have any experience with this? When Ryker was born, Rayden didn't really get jealous. He pretty much just did his own thing most the time and didn't mind much having another sibling around. For some reason I just have this feeling that things are going to be different this time around. I'm hoping that I'm wrong but I'm trying to prepare myself just in case.