Monday, August 13, 2012

Summer Adventures

Lake Powell this year was great! Of course, when you are camping on the beach, there is wind and sand in everything! But we still managed to have a lot of fun. And the kids didn't let a little sand keep them from eating their licorice! Our kids happened to be a little bit sick on this trip, but they did pretty good considering they didn't feel well.

 Ryker was brave enough to ride the banana boat!  He has always hated to put his head under water, even in the tub. When they got dumped off the banana boat I thought for sure he would be crying. He was scared but still did pretty good. We even got him to ride the tube after his dump in the lake! What a trooper! I thought Braylee would love riding in the boat, boy was I wrong! She hated being on the boat and wearing a life jacket. She just wanted to walk all over the boat but found it a little difficult with all the rocking and movement!
 Rayden tried water skiing this year on the little training skis. He was the first grand kid of my parents to get up! He didn't stay up for long, but at least he tried and did so good! I got to wake board a little bit, had a few hard crashes, but still kept trying. I just can't quite get the hang of it because I'm too used to slalom skiing. All together it was a great vacation. 
 The kids had fun painting their face for the children's parade for the 4th of July. We did our usual festivities at the park and played in the sun and heat all day long! We ate a bunch of snow cones, cotton candy, and deep fried candy bars! We love the 4th!!!! Next year.....we'll try the deep fried pickles!
 Our little family decided to take a little hike up Monroe canyon. Randy took the boys last year and had a great time so we all decided to go again. It ended up raining, well more drizzling, all day long. Luckily the path was well covered with trees so we didn't get too wet. At the end of the trail there are some great rock climbing routes. Next time we go we will be better prepared with our climbing gear and make a whole day out of it!!!
 Rayden celebrated his 8th birthday this year! I can't believe it!!!! He requested a star wars cake and picked how he wanted it to look. He is so funny with his star wars obsession! We had to cancel his baptism because it coincided with our Lake Powell vacation. We are rescheduling for next month so stay tuned for more on that wonderful event!
 Every 24th of July, Pioneer Day, our kids walk in the Monroe parade to honor our ancestor, Sarah Emily Wall, who came across the plains with the Willie handcart company. Grandma Riddle always does such a good job to get our kids and take them. It was a pretty hot day this year but they still survived.
 Right after the parade, Grandma invited me and the kids to go up to Frying Pan campground, by Fish Lake to camp for 4 days. It was a nice little break in the middle of summer. I got a break from housework and the kids got to play all day long with cousins. Braylee even did pretty good. Cousin Breanna was such a great helper with Braylee and made it so much easier for me! Thanks Breanna!
 Little miss Braylee turned 1 year old! She is such a little cutie pie! We just love this little girl to pieces. I can't believe how quickly girls catch on to things vs. boys. She just picks up on things that my boys never did. She started walking a little a couple weeks before her 1st birthday. She is doing so good now walking. Oh and she loves to give kisses! She is just so sweet and cute and cuddly. She has about 6 teeth and has two more on the way. She loves playing with her brothers. When they are around she is so happy, but if they go play at friends house, she gets so sad and clingy. She loves to feed herself. She hates it when I stick something in her mouth. She has to pull it out and examine it before eating. She is such a great sleeper and eater. She LOVES food! I guess she's a Riddle!
Her hair is long enough for little pig tails on top but she won't ever leave it in. After re-doing them five times in an hour I finally give up! Maybe one day she will let me do her hair! We have loved having this sweet girl in our family!
We also just got back from a trip to Bear lake but my camera died and I didn't get very many pics. We went to our cabin with our friends and did some biking around the lake, swimming at the lodge and of course Raspberry shakes!!! We didn't get to go to Pickleville playhouse but maybe next year! Now it's time to get ready to go back to school. Randy and I celebrate our 9th year anniversary this week! We are headed to St.George this weekend without the kids so we can do some rock climbing and go to Tuacahn and see Hairspray!!! I can't wait to have a little mini honeymoon with the hubby, even if we are roughing it by climbing and camping :)  As always, stay tuned for more pics on that! Although it may be awhile. We have school starting, as well as soccer and football for Rayden. Also, I'm thinking I'll start teaching Rayden how to play piano. That may be a disaster but we'll see!